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Benchmark Wrestling is made possible through a variety of circumstances, life changes and the desire to continue a family legacy.


The future of Benchmark Wrestling became a vision of Mike's after the passing of the Zadick family patriarch Bob, and the selling of the family business Holiday Motors. After the business sold, Mike had the opportunity to salvage the building and bring it to Augusta. He disassembled the entire building - piece by piece - to keep the steel structure intact and relocated it to Augusta, Montana, where it will be the future home of Benchmark Wrestling. The repurposing of the building will honor the legacy left by Bob. 

A non-profit organization, Benchmark Wrestling will be a community hub where people of all ages - from youth to seniors and everyone in between - can come together to find inspiration, train and enhance their well-being. 


This is a place designed for inspiration and motivation, with a focus on bringing in Olympic and world-caliber athletes, as well as impactful humans from near and far, from entrepreneurs to motivational coaches and more. 

In Montana, it's hard to find adequate training facilities for high-performing individuals and most have to travel long distances for appropriate resources. Along with lack of facilities, most lack the expertise and capabilities required to effectively train those striving for elite results. At Benchmark Wrestling, both the facility and expertise will be available to kids and adults. The vision of this building is to bridge the gap in Montana by establishing a state-of-the-art facility staffed by world-class professionals, coaches and advisors that cater to the needs of ambitious individuals. 

After the facility is built, Benchmark Wrestling will be the first and only organization in Montana and the surrounding states with the capability to coach high-performing individuals to the next level of success. 

Although this building will serve as a well-known wrestling establishment, the vision goes beyond that. We aim to foster excellence through various services, including team camps, corporate retreats, nutritional seminars, ADD physical health and mental health, law enforcement training/self-defense classes, regular monthly memberships and wrestling club memberships. 


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